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The Chopping Block

I have written two complete books. The third is in the works. The first two have been published (as some of you know). And yet, and yet!!! They still aren’t perfect. Not even perfect . . . they still aren’t ready.

Maybe I’ll be one of those rare, unusual authors that is never satisfied, but there is no last word. The end is not necessarily the end. A book. Published. Finish. Done. Gone. Irrevocable.

Nah, just kidding.

Having learned so much about writing in the 3’d book, I’d be remiss if I didn’t observe how faulty the first one in particular is.

I have a big problem with info-dumping. A habit I no doubt learned from timeless classics such as made novels and the art of writing novels great and beautiful.

There is doubtless a difference between the style of writing from a hundred years ago and that of today.

My acceptance of the more modern styles is hypocritical at best. I truly enjoy classic books, the flavor of the words they used, and the creativity that spawned generations of imagination. I love the complexity of language and, yes, the info-dumping. However, there are many current authors I am a fan of also and the excellence of storytelling has not been detracted.

So what to do.

Here I seek a happy medium to satisfy my loves of language, storytelling, and fast-paced action, and yes, to satisfy my hypocrisy and make me feel like the finer points of language have not been lost forever.

And then we come to the chopping block, bringing my first book back into the fire. Forging it anew, hopefully better. I want to push it to the best it can be, and suit it for the market of readers I want to reach.

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It’s still free.

TSC-WTHT-Teaser 02 small

Fillip bowed his head and pulled off the necklace. He hadn’t wanted to wear it, but he didn’t have much choice. It had taken a great deal of will power to put something so dangerous on his person, (an action none of his family had encouraged.) He dropped it on the bar, near the governor’s hand.

The governor picked it up and fingered it gently, realizing it was a precious gem, but not the incredible power locked within. “Why is this so special?”

“It’s a magical gem,” Fillip said with no small hesitation. “It belongs to her family and her people, but she is unable to even touch it.” Continue reading

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The Final Confounded


There’s a lot of excitement connected with writing. A firewood splitting redneck can become the master of men’s fates… elves’ fates… dragon’s fates… Everything put to paper is alive and breathing. Monsters under the bed become real with the most powerful skill we humans possess:  Continue reading

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Confounding: The Sequel

Following Danger's Path 006 Front

Yesterday I proudly presented a teaser from Book 1 and hopefully you all got a giggle or two out of it. Today you’ll get to see a favorite scene of mine from Book 2The Stones of Caron, What Time Handed Them. Be warned, “favorite scene of mine” is a dangerous phrase coming from an author.

… With a series of feints, one elf lured the Nashi forward one at a time into the slashing blades of another. Only four attackers fell into the well-laid trap, and the rest managed a ruse to break the elves into fractions by lashing out with two flails, hidden until they were needed. With only Emmet’s small shield, the elves couldn’t stand up to flails and

Continue reading

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Exampling and Confounding

Exampling: With the publish of Book 2 so recent, I thought I’d do a little series of teasers and see if I could generate some interest in my work. So for today and tomorrow I’ll do what I’ve already published and then on day three I’ll put in a never before seen scene from Book 3. Now it is still in the editing phase (hence, rewrite, mull over, rewrite, scrap, rewrite, think on it, rewrite) but I do have a few scenes that are definitely making it into the final draft.

Confounding: Now the confounding part is where you take a look at my work and are so impressed and

Continue reading

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I’m not the sort of person to enjoy just one thing. I just completed the publishing of my second book

The Stones of Caron, Following Danger’s Path:

TSC-FDP small

But there’s more to me than just my writing. It isn’t my only interest, my only subject, and my only passion.

Of the many things I enjoy, a lot of them are things I can spend my creativity on. They are stimulating and inspiring and help me add detail and depth to my writing, which of course encompasses all of my interests into one channel.

I spend a little time with a guitar and play around with a few tunes and I always feel fresh and alive. It doesn’t always help me pick up a pencil again but it helps to ground me when I’m running wild or stimulate me when I’ve got writer’s block. Music in general is just a beautiful means of expression whether to listen or to play.

I like to sketch occasionally. Sometimes there is an idea in my head and words on paper just won’t do, I have to see it come to life in the most literal sense I can.

I also like making jewelry and I usually go on a kick and make a few things all at once before relaxing and going back to writing.

Sometimes I like to crochet because I don’t have to think about it.

I like to read . . . which sort of speaks for itself.

Everything has its place and communes to encompass my interests and stimulate my creativity.