Creating Empires

A Golden Word

Words are the crux of why we write. They are the means, the inspiration, the very method of our understanding. Without them we don’t have idioms, sarcasm (too much, you say? Nah.), or the eloquent expression we all find so dear. We have such freedom as to use them any way we choose. Can they be foul, misused, or even mediocre? Yes! But for the muck we must slog through in the everyday vernacular, it makes the gems of shining truth and beauty so much more precious. If mountains were diamonds, granite would be a prized possession.

Without words we do not have poetry. We do not have songs. We don’t get to tell someone we love them. We don’t get to argue whether or not the book was better than the movie (The Princess Bride: movie wins!).


Yes, we can even be grateful for English; bi-polar, hoodlum language that it is. Without it reading the dictionary would be much more straightforward (wait… is dictionary reading not normal?).

So here it is, my precious gem this week. The one diamond I prized above the rest.


This word we take to mean something overlain with gold leaf.

But it can also mean blood spattered, or even ruddy.

The controversy in these definitions is not lost on me. Where they could possibly intersect is where I become a bit confused.