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Like the Wind

“Like the wind” to me is a poignant metaphor. The wind has a distinct affect on everything. Snow drifts in the winter. Sand drifts year round in places like the Sahara, in places like Moab, Utah it has carved the distinctive red rock into soaring arches.

Yeah, wind did that. Not alone of course… but still.

However, as I have found, most people don’t like the wind. It makes us cold in the winter, biting through even the most secure layers of clothing, scarves, hats, and gloves and even our very skin and muscle to penetrate into our bones.

In the summer (if you live in a desert) it can cause dust storms, which impairs driving.

In certain areas, it adjoins microburst storms and rips trees from the ground as if they were no heavier than plastic toys. It can crush awnings and send carports sailing through the sky.

What is there to like?

How about the cooling effect when the sun is hot and you’ve still got a half a mile to hike out?

The ripple on a lake or in a meadow where you can see the wind coming before it ever gets to you?

Give a thought to how it feels when the weather is just right and the wind brushes gently by.

The sound of wind in pine trees is one of the most peaceful to me.