Creating Empires

“Walking…” in a winter wonderland?


Hey, don’t get me wrong. I love winter as much as the next gal! Can I get an “Amen”?

I mean hot chocolate, sliding really fast down a precipitous hill, cider, Christmas!!!


Plus I get to heat my house with real wood, which we harvested. (And yes, it did warm me up three times before it actually made it into the stove.) Love winter. It is a beautiful wonderful thing that I could just stare at for hours without looking away.

It is terrific for a good writing prompt. Animal tracks, the subtleties of keeping warm, snow laying gently on pine needles only to be shaken loose at the slightest breath of air, cascading instead down the trunk as fine powder, disintegrated by the tree stirring… (OK, not bad. I think I’ll use that.)

But lets get real folks, walking in a winter wonderland is a misguiding cliche. I mean does anybody really walk? Its more like trudging honestly. Which is great fun! I love piling up drifts with my boots.

And there’s a kind of high-stepping sway run you have to do if you run through the snow. Everyone does it… “Knees to the chest now ya’ll!”

Something else not discussed is the “Sinking to the hip in the snow” which is what happened when I caught this picture.


Now I could have put on waterproof pants. I could have put on water proof gloves, too. But then we wouldn’t have really taken a close look at the nuances of misguided cliches… so all around it was a rousing success. Sure my pants were all wet and my boots filled up with snow, but I’m willing to make sacrifices to experience true beauty.