My favorite quotes.

The Lion’s Teeth

One of my favorite quotes of all time is from the pages of King Solomon’s Mines. The story itself is riveting, outrageous, funny, gory, fascinating, perilous, heart rending . . . all manner of adjectives can be applied to this book and all of them point to one simple explanation . . .

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Untold Stories

A Traveling King

Writing a story isn’t just about the main book and whatever happens there is all that ever happens. If you want real depth and complexity, there must be untold stories. Stories apart from the main narrative with little bearing on its course complicate your characters. Gives them histories. Gives them legends. Makes them beings of lore.

With my Stones of Caron series, I have the mighty elves. Old enough to be the stuff of legends. While it would be daunting to scribble down each individual’s entire 400 year history, parts of their history help to bring about legends and every piece I write on the individuals makes me love them even more, (hopefully you love them too, but they’re my childr–I mean, WHAT???) Continue reading