Creating Empires

Nature’s Own Writing Prompt

Given enough time, everyone has seen something truly spectacular. A display painted on the face of the earth which would astonish any eye if the owner of it would stand still long enough to focus.

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Creating Empires, Writing Redneck

Painted with an Outline


When we really begin to break down the fundamentals of the matter, we discover that a wall isn’t just a wall. It is a protector, a guide, an insulator, and the means by which we have the colloquial “roof over our head.”

It is also what a writer generally sits around looking at, searching deep into paint and wallboard for answers. (If you’re lucky enough you look at brick or logs, which tend to yield more inspiration.)

But walls don’t have to be just paint and the odd family photo (seriously, those things can be strange.) They can have more secrets on them than the bottom of the ocean and provide you with a window into your own mind. They are reflective and probably the most thoughtful surface in the house. (My conclusion being that windows are jovial and ignorant that you are trying to focus. Ceilings are stern and studious in their own way, but are too caught up in their own job to give heed to you. Floors are ridiculous and cause more problems than they solve. They put shoes and blankets in your way when you’re trying to pace and completely ignore you. For heaven’s sake! I just want to walk around . . . in the dark . . . and my floor just up and decides to move the desk three inches to the left.)

If you want my advice, post your story outlines on your walls. Even your pictures that you drew to inspire you or to really get a grasp of what your scene should look like. You may not like the way your drawings look and people will definitely stand in your house or your bedroom and wonder if you’ve flipped your lid. But who cares about them, your brain is working overtime just to keep track of your story, so don’t worry about keeping track of your papers too.

Your walls are your friends, use them to the best of your ability.

(Tape is a really good friend, too. Tape kind of sticks all the papers together and because carpenters and homeowners can be really finicky about holes, it is a nice solution for keeping paper on the walls.)