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Fillip bowed his head and pulled off the necklace. He hadn’t wanted to wear it, but he didn’t have much choice. It had taken a great deal of will power to put something so dangerous on his person, (an action none of his family had encouraged.) He dropped it on the bar, near the governor’s hand.

The governor picked it up and fingered it gently, realizing it was a precious gem, but not the incredible power locked within. “Why is this so special?”

“It’s a magical gem,” Fillip said with no small hesitation. “It belongs to her family and her people, but she is unable to even touch it.”

A few of the city fathers snickered, but the mayor and Berton were stern. “Fillip, do you know what you just said?” The mayor seemed genuinely distraught.

Fillip nodded, his green eyes determined and his mouth set in a hard line.

Berton held the gem close to his eye and studied its perfect curves and surface. “If any gem could hold magic, be it from ah’ fairy tale or the real world, this would be it. Where did it come from.”

“I found it on the beach.”

“And she saw you pick it up?”

“I don’t know.” Fillip couldn’t spend hours trying to convince the mayor and the governor of his sincerity, or explaining all of what Earia had said the night before. He wasn’t entirely certain what she meant anyway. He had read enough out of Grandfather Girden’s library to believe the story she’d told and he even found an account of her in one of Pete’s earliest entries in his diary.

“Sounds dodgy to me,” one of the other men said through clenched teeth. One sober look from Fillip caused the laughter to disappear.

“I have t’ agree, Fill.” Berton dropped the necklace in front of Fillip. “Did she give you proof?”

“We already had the proof.”

Richard grunted. “Fillip Girden, I’ve known you since you was just a baby and you never did talk all the way straight; you’ve got a bad habit of not getting to the point, so don’t go talking in circles on us.”


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