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It’s a free book, c’mon

I get too much enjoyment out of making light, hearty jests.

But, I know if I want to be successful, I have to put forth the effort. Boring.

Boring and hard. Work is just the worst when you would rather be doing something creative. Like writing a book. Drawing a picture. Playing guitar (:any instrument except the trombone, I mean seriously;)

The absolute worst? Well . . . maybe not, but it kind of stinks anyway.

So here’s something easy. I’m going to offer up my first book-

WTHT 03a Paperback 001 copy

What Time Handed Them for FREE.

The only condition is that if you want this free┬áKindle book, you must agree to leave me an Amazon review. I don’t have to tell you how important reviews are . . . actually you could probably tell me a thing or two about it. You know the stakes and you know the prize. For you, there is no risk and only the promise of an adventure. Just a little time and for most people, an everyday part of life. People pick up books they’ve never read and read them all the time.

In case you aren’t sure, or if you just want an idea of the book and what it is about, I’ll give you a little idea. It is a fantasy and my first book.

It follows a few of the adventures and aftermath of a war long cold.

The war has lasted for centuries because the elves of Caron have not yet reached their dying age and against them has come a man who has not either. The secrets of his long life are closely guarded and a constant threat. If he can stave off something so sure as death, what else can he do? He answers this question slowly, doling out his taste for destruction in morsels at first. Dragons are his favorite plaything.

His agents are clever, but not yet so clever as to destroy the elves, for they are resilient and determined to bring him down. But they are few in number and running out of options unless a young man from a far, magicless country can learn to control his new, inadvertently gotten, magic. He knows that he risks his own death, the elves make no promises, but he also understands the value of life and friendship. If he can protect his friends, then he will have his adventures, and his freedom.


Well, there it is and I hope you find it interesting enough to take a closer look. If you are interested in a Kindle copy of What Time Handed Them, for free. Then send me a message on my Facebook page here.

It will be completely private and I will delete your e-mail addresses after I you have claimed your gifts on Kindle. If you know anyone who would be interested in the book, who is not following my blog, let them in on the fun too. All it takes is a taste for action and you’ve got your book.

I warn you though, take care and choose wisely. You may find you cannot put it down and the sequel is a “must-have.” I’ve seen it all before and I know the danger well. But fear not, if you fall into this inevitable trap, I will supply the sequel in due time.


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