Creating Empires, Writing Redneck

A Writer’s Ally


If there is a scene you just have to get down on paper, or an edit you have to plow through before the night turns to day, you have a friend, an ally. This is the one associate you can always depend on and you don’t need a phone number or an e-mail to get in touch.

There is no bar to measure the aid given to you by a dear friend, and the dearest friend in the writing universe is chocolate in the middle with a candy coating on the outside.

Writer’s block cannot gain any ground in a world where such a delicacy resides and battles tirelessly against it. Fiendish and cunning, the blocking of writers is ever aided by laziness and the distractions of everyday life. But like a multicolored superhero, there is a vigilante against the rife attacks and cruel dissonance wrought against us.


If you haven’t guessed by now, the answer is M&M’s and I’m not talking about certain clamorous musicians.

Their sweetness and delicacy provides fuel for imagination and, while being consumed, staves off whatever attacks might be coming from within the mind. Doubt not, my friends, in this wondrous cure and partake heartily in defiance of writer’s block and laziness. How can laziness ever win and how can writer’s block prevail, even with all of their clever scheming, when you are not standing alone!

M&M’s fortify the soul, lend strength to the fingers, and give elasticity to the mind. Against this unseen battle you have a powerful weapon, born in the rains and forests of South America and raised to battle status beside the ever victorious sugar cane, matured for just this purpose, to salvage what is left of a writer’s ingenuity and turn writer’s block back at the drawbridge.┬áNo mightier warrior could you ask for in this endless fight, but one day it will indeed conclude, and then we shall see who is the victor.

For myself, I shall stand beside candy coated chocolate until it proves it has failed, which will not happen so long as we writer’s rely on it.


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