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Confounding: The Sequel

Following Danger's Path 006 Front

Yesterday I proudly presented a teaser from Book 1 and hopefully you all got a giggle or two out of it. Today you’ll get to see a favorite scene of mine from Book 2The Stones of Caron, What Time Handed Them. Be warned, “favorite scene of mine” is a dangerous phrase coming from an author.

… With a series of feints, one elf lured the Nashi forward one at a time into the slashing blades of another. Only four attackers fell into the well-laid trap, and the rest managed a ruse to break the elves into fractions by lashing out with two flails, hidden until they were needed. With only Emmet’s small shield, the elves couldn’t stand up to flails and

divided to protect themselves. But as skilled as the elves were with the phalanx, they were equally adept in single combat. They pushed their attackers back until they were more comfortably spread out on the beach with the moonlight and firelight to aid them. Aranen and Kenen were particularly effective. Aranen’s bolas would catch a man by the ankle or arm and the king could pull him off balance while Kenen finished him. One by one, the Nashi fell until only their leader remained.

Through pride and careful selection, Jake chose Earia as his opponent and resolved to defeat her once and for all. Elf and man moved with blinding speed, and their blades flashed in too broad a scope to allow anyone to intervene without threat of hitting a friend instead of an enemy. Just as Jake and Earia’s circles were beginning to slow and Jake’s breath was heavy, a Nashi, who had been feigning his own death, rose up from the beach and swung his blade with an arc and strength saying he could never have been wounded. Earia caught the movement in the outer reaches of her vision and spun out of the way. The “dead” Nashi’s blow landed in the back of Jake’s knee. In another second, Jake was disarmed with an unexpectedly gentle stroke, sliding his blade up Earia’s and into her hand. Kern dispatched the culprit of duplicity into the next life with a quick thrust to the heart. Jake soon found himself in the sand with Earia’s sword at his throat and Kenen’s sword pressing into his back.

“I could have beaten you had it not been for that accursed oaf!” Jake spewed and inserted a few more insults for added effect.

“Your pride has more stinging salt in it than the ocean,” Earia sighed. “The war is over for you, Jake.” His false pride did not impress her. He had been ready to die from lack of oxygen before she’d disarmed him.

“You should be so fortunate. Niren will not rest until I’m avenged.”

“You value your life more than he does. He will raise another in your place. Perhaps he’ll find a child to promote.”

“Don’t be so quick to assume anything,” Jake panted a few more heavy breaths and calmed his rapid lungs. “I know Niren. Few know him as I do.”

“Few are acquainted with snakes and swine, either. However, I doubt you would be such a reckless fool if you knew him as well as I do.” Earia bent until she was within a foot and a half from his face, “I raised him. Strange you didn’t know this if you are so close to him.”

Jake’s shock was soon overcome with a malicious smile, more ghastly in the glowing firelight, a smile which made Earia’s gut twist in anticipation and fear. The malice proved well founded as Jake rocked to his feet, pressing against her blade as it slid down to his chest leaving a crimson trail behind it. His right hand had been wandering near his belt and when it came away there was a knife in it. He flicked the knife forward a split second before Earia’s sword pushed into his heart.

But the moonlit knife was already in the air and she could only watch as it turned a half-revolution toward her…


Well there it is, hope you like it, or hate it, or however you look at being teased with an action story. Its all good if it catches your attention.

It is on Kindle, Amazon, and Createspace.

I hope you like it.


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