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Exampling and Confounding

Exampling: With the publish of Book 2 so recent, I thought I’d do a little series of teasers and see if I could generate some interest in my work. So for today and tomorrow I’ll do what I’ve already published and then on day three I’ll put in a never before seen scene from Book 3. Now it is still in the editing phase (hence, rewrite, mull over, rewrite, scrap, rewrite, think on it, rewrite) but I do have a few scenes that are definitely making it into the final draft.

Confounding: Now the confounding part is where you take a look at my work and are so impressed and

dumbfounded that you cannot imagine where such brilliance and eloquence came from. You’ll be in awe.

WTHT 03a Paperback 001 copy

So here it is, an excerpt from Book 1, The Stones of Caron, What Time Handed Them:

It was very dark when Fillip and Peter awoke to rough shaking. “What’s going on?” Peter sat up and rubbed his eyes.

“Trouble.” Rillia shuffled them out of their blankets.

Nallen, Galdin, and Earion were saddling the horses. Earia was helping Langen get Toll onto the back of one and Langen leaped up behind him. The woods were still. Not even a cricket chirped. The stillness dripped with water. The smudges were doused. Langen held up a semi-circular rock and commanded it in a strange language to light up. It started glowing as though made of liquid light. It illuminated the clearing enough to see what they were doing. Soon they were all mounted and ready to start out. Just as Langen put the stone in his shirt pocket, the woods around them exploded with eerie screams, and the air was filled with flapping wings. The gusts from the wings were mighty and stirred the air with an even fouler smell than the swamp.

Langen jerked the light back out in time for all to see they were being surrounded by creatures darker than the blackness outside the light.

Fillip’s eyes, sharpened by the grey stone, were able to see the slight glimmer of the creatures’ black eyes and counted at least three pairs. He wondered how they could be surrounded by only three beasts until one of them bounded forward into the light and illuminated its mighty, terrible essence.

Great bat-like wings extended from its shoulders, and its forelegs were clawed at the ends. Its head sat on a long, slender neck, craned upward and angled down at them with its mouth hanging open where they could see its shining white teeth. A great fan of bat-like webbing surrounded its head and pulsed outward in its fanning. It was so close now Fillip could smell its foul breath and see the detail of its serpentine scales. Inherently, Fillip realized that it was a dragon . . .


As I’m sure you’ll find out, I like dragons and writing about them, so here you go, its available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Amazon, and Createspace.



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