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I’m not the sort of person to enjoy just one thing. I just completed the publishing of my second book

The Stones of Caron, Following Danger’s Path:

TSC-FDP small

But there’s more to me than just my writing. It isn’t my only interest, my only subject, and my only passion.

Of the many things I enjoy, a lot of them are things I can spend my creativity on. They are stimulating and inspiring and help me add detail and depth to my writing, which of course encompasses all of my interests into one channel.

I spend a little time with a guitar and play around with a few tunes and I always feel fresh and alive. It doesn’t always help me pick up a pencil again but it helps to ground me when I’m running wild or stimulate me when I’ve got writer’s block. Music in general is just a beautiful means of expression whether to listen or to play.

I like to sketch occasionally. Sometimes there is an idea in my head and words on paper just won’t do, I have to see it come to life in the most literal sense I can.

I also like making jewelry and I usually go on a kick and make a few things all at once before relaxing and going back to writing.

Sometimes I like to crochet because I don’t have to think about it.

I like to read . . . which sort of speaks for itself.

Everything has its place and communes to encompass my interests and stimulate my creativity.


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