My Favorite Books

The Hobbit


What makes the Hobbit great?

As a story you can take your pick:

Is it that it is a children’s book and still challenges a reader?

Is it the beautiful scenery?

Is it that it is a precursor to one of the most popular stories of our time?

Is it because of the morally sound characters?

Or is it because of the fun and imagination that sparks a little kid and a little magic deep inside?

Maybe it is all of the above and Tolkien was simply a genius of a writer. He has inspired me to be a writer and I hope he continues to do so for ages to come. The clever, even humorous, writing, the use of words uncommon in our present language, the thrilling escapades, and a sense of adventure and magic is everything I want to be as a writer. Thank you Mr. Tolkien for inspiring me.


2 thoughts on “The Hobbit

  1. Having read The Stones of Caron I can see where you get your inspiration from. The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings are timeless classics that scream adventure! I don’t think I could ever be as creative as Tolkien when it comes to the imagination.


    • Firstly: I am always happy to hear that someone has read my book and I hope you enjoyed it.
      Secondly: He was truly a master of his craft. I have read small, unedited works that he wrote just for the fun of it and it does seem as if his imagination was boundless.
      I’m very pleased to have him set up as an example of fine art. Someone with his standards and tenacity is rare as it is precious.


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