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My Little Firewood Buddy


Yeah, she only thinks she’s helping.

Snickers is 11 years old and still acts like a puppy, including her affinity for stealing my split firewood.

And I never . . .  NEVER . . . encourage her.


Okay, it makes her absurdly happy.

Aside from tearing little chunks off of it whenever she can . . .


. . . she’d make a decent helper.

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A River of Ice

Living in the mountains produces opportunities to see truly spectacular scenery and to capture moments lost in the ebb and flow of years. As one who is particularly fond of mountains and their unique challenges, I must admit I am partial to the views they provide. Here you can turn a corner on the highway and come face to face with elk, deer, beaver, eagles, osprey, or a smattering of rodents, only to have them disappear as the motorized vehicle turns yet again.

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Writing Redneck

Beating the Brains out of Writer’s Block


As a writer, I spend a lot of time trying to “get my head right” in an effort to stump writer’s block. For me, writer’s block is just a time when there’s so much going on in the real world and the story world that I’m on the verge of panicking. I have discovered one sure way to beat it and make myself sit down to a pad and paper or computer. Duh! Splitting firewood. Continue reading

Writing news.

Authors/Bloggers Share Your Work Here!

If you want a really awesome outlet for your books, this lady works really hard to see that everyone can see everyone else’s work and your work can be seen, too!



It’s that time again.

Please share your book(s) &/or blog links now through October 3rd!

For those that are new to this post: Once a month I invite fellow authors &/or bloggers to share their novels and blogs. I invite everyone to post links to their personal websites, other social accounts, or advertise a link to BUY (if applicable). Use this space to BRAG about your blog or what you have published! Be proud of your hard-work & not embarrassed to self-promote!

If you have a book for sale (or upcoming)- I will add your book to my list of “authors to read” by the genre – See example here: Authors to Read!

For those who have posted before: Feel free to advertise again. Or- if you have a different book you would like me to add to the list (or different link to buy)- please include it.


Title. Genre.  Release date (if not out…

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