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Authors Helping Authors: Check Out This Indie Author

I just have to say that Michelle has single handedly done more for this book and the sanity of its very grateful author than I ever thought possible!

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An Epic Adventure

Please visit the above link and select “Recommend” to help new indie author R. Ann Greene promote her brand new release

“The Stones of Caron: Book One – What Time Handed Them.”

This is a reader contributed book recommendation to The Guardian that will be featured on The Guardian’s Book Blog if Greene gets a good amount of recommendations for her amazing epic adventure!

Go to

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& Select “Recommend”

R Ann Greene has me hooked! I loved this book. This is a fast paced epic fantasy that keeps you engrossed in the complex characters that she has created. I found myself fighting to keep my eyes open because I wasn’t ready to put the book down. Greene brings the story to life with her vivid story-crafting, she draws you in and keeps you spellbound. This story is an exciting other-world that will immediately pull you into its…

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Creating Empires

They’ll Never Understand

Here I am in a dull setting. A coffee shop. One trying desperately to be sophisticated and one failing miserably to achieve its imagined ambiance.

Why would an author choose such a drab, noisy corner of a beautiful and picturesque world?

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Creating Empires

Sticky-notes Galore

Image result for public domain images sticky notes

The efforts behind editing my second book are aided by that beautiful, colorful, clean, precise little scrap of paper we all know and love, called a sticky-note.

Could there ever be a more pristine or elegant solution to editing? . . .  I mean besides the fact that the writing thereupon is squeezed in so small you can barely read it once you’ve finished and only my intimate knowledge of how poorly I form my letters allows me to decipher what exactly the thought originally was.

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Writing Redneck

The Influence of Details

Image result for public domain images snow

There are some scenes on this planet too beautiful to believe, and you have to look again and again to soak it all in. Whenever I stumble upon this type of beautiful scene, I wish I could jump out of the truck and just let it drive on so I could sit alone and look out at a world untouched by modern technology. The one I’m writing about today was a winter one, because its September and I’m really sick of summer, and I really want there to be snow so I can have a fire in the fireplace.

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Creating Empires, Untold Stories

A Profile on Dragons

Dragon RAG

Among the things I enjoy doing in my story worlds, blogging is not on the list, but detailing and profiling individual groups or characters is. (Weird, huh?) Fantasy is really an awesome genre because I get to make something up entirely without adhering to the confines of accuracy. (Also could mean I’m lazy but who cares?) I can make up whatever I want and make it sound plausible if I can. If I can’t, I can play it off really well.

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