Creating Empires

No One-Idea-Brain

I post endlessly about the adventures of publishing the Stones of Caron series, but there isn’t just one idea in this brain. While Stones offers me many outlets to explore because of the many characters introduced, it is still just one world.

This newest category, Creating Empires, is my place to show you what else goes on in this author’s warped, twisted, lightning-fast, brilliantly clever mind. What can I say? I’m a genius with a taste for convoluted plots.

My next project will eventually be a series. Now I like detail and I love painting the world around the characters. Fantasy has got to be my favorite genre. It takes details about life and puts them into a setting you could never see coming. Having magic and monsters opens the door for terror like you’ve never known.

The series will be called The Heart of Ice and will be my next focus when Stones is wrapped up. I can’t wait to get to work on it for real, though I’ve spent a comfortable piece of the past seven years on it.

There are three worlds: our own beloved planet Earth, another world with magic, and a third with remarkable creatures. Mostly they are oblivious to the others, but certain select individuals can go between the three and work very hard to keep anyone else from doing the same. And wonder of wonders, the second world has an enemy that wants to control these doors for his own personal war. One family stands against him. Cousins, parents, and children all band together against this man.

But the bad guy isn’t really all that scary, at least not to anyone who has never seen him. He’s a distant memory, a remembrance of war and slaughter but what is there to fear when the world has been at peace for so long. Besides, he is a fixture in this world, one who has been around since before anyone can remember with the title being passed to the next generation.

But hereditary villainy has it’s benefits and you can’t imagine what knowledge hundreds of years of dealing under the table can give you.


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