Writing Redneck

A Writer’s Personality.

I like knives. I don’t think I could formulate a more redneck statement. It is true though. They are elegant, useful, and diverse, a sophisticated weapon if ever one existed.

Frankly axes fall into this category too, they are less diverse, but their uses are simple and direct. As a contrastly crude battle instrument when compared to the knife, their similarities end with their cutting edges and wooden grips. I like axes but mainly because I am a backwoods girl and I split firewood by hand. Hitting the sweet spot and splitting a round of red fir precisely in half is a fantastic feeling. I say red fir, because Lodge-pole pine burns too fast and too hot and Ponderosa pine is a royal pain in the rear end to split. The older the ax, the better. I don’t know all of the subtleties of ax-making (what I mean is I have no clue how they do it), but the new ones don’t stand up to the same punishment a really old one will.

With knives, I don’t much care how old they are. Throwing knives are particularly fun and I’ve actually gotten pretty good lately. A steady 60% if I am to be so generous. It is an event requiring little strength and a bit more finesse in regards to how you hold and release the weapon. Acquiring the skill is less fun than having it, but you can’t have one without the other.

Now, don’t be fooled, writing is still my main entertainment, work, and effort but you have to admit, playing (very responsibly) with knives is a pretty cool distraction when writer’s block is particularly bad.

Such an escape provides me with entertaining and sophisticated inspiration for my books. How much fun it is when I can contrive a character with those skills and attributes that I so desire. One such character, (a twenty year old female . . . a coincidence you say? Probably,) is fun because of this particular interest. Living in a medieval setting she carries no traditional weapons, just a myriad of knives, which causes great concern to the royal guards of her bonded king.

In the second book of the Stones of Caron series, she gets to showcase her ability and is really a lot of fun when she develops in Book 3.


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