Writing news.

So close

I feel the publishing hurdles are nearly over, but something about chickens and hatching keeps running over in the back of my mind. Oh well… it’s probably nothing.

The second proof is nearly complete and hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to announce that I’ve released my first book.

I am excited of course, but more nervous than anything. Putting my work out to be critiqued by all the world, not just those few whom I trust, is kind of like poking a snake. (A non-poisonous one of course.) I might get bit but at least it isn’t life threatening. Just for fun, I’m going to put up the teaser in this post. Enjoy!

Book 1: The Stones of Caron, What Time handed Them.

Earia, queen of the elves, has long fought against an enemy she believed she created: a man, Niren, who she raised as her son, over four hundred years ago and he will see every man, elf, and dwarf killed unless they bend a knee to him. The dragons already have, willing or not, and Earia is forced to fight them as well as Niren’s soldiers.

Fillip is a seventeen year old, raised in the woods and seashores of the small country of Niss, and he has managed to find the one thing which can give the elves hope against Niren and his dragons.

Pursued by assassins, Earia is desperate for Fillip’s help and he is aching for adventure, even danger. Fillip’s younger brother is not so inclined, but what is a brother for, if not to help chase monsters and throw down kings?

Earia’s age old companions are quick to accept the youngsters and teach them a thing or two. Fillip soon discovers that he is not the farmer he thought, but a bold adventurer, willing to take mighty risks to see the world and to fight for his new friends.


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