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What Time Handed Them.

I started writing Book 1 of the Stones of Caron, What Time Handed Them, over seven years ago when I read the Lord of the Rings and fell in love with fantasy as a genre.

Of course the first draft was a mess and I realize now what a horrible speller I am. I’ve improved, thanks in great part to spell check and the odd habit of being glued to a dictionary… Stirr, intrest, rebuled, usral-or usueral, filde, increadabl, mony, hoves… all of these being words I thought painted a very vivid picture Of course I wrote it in pen so it ended up getting scribbled and written over as well. Still even with all of that, my family saw enough in it to encourage me to continue and I was happy to. Writing is as much fun as it is my work. How else could I learn new words and shape them into sentences where they make people think about things in a way they never have before?

I had big plans when I was 13. I was going to publish the first book when I was 16 and then be famous by age 18, (yeah right.) But as we can see that didn’t happen, but a seven year dream is just about to come to reality. I’m hoping I can have What Time Handed Them published within the week, but it might be next week.

It was a long road to haul to even get to this point. I think I edited Chapter 1 about 20 times and outright rewrote it close to 10 times. Entire chapters got scrapped to be rewritten and worked to suit my purposes and many things have been deleted outright. Of course it hurts to do something like that, after all, this is “my baby” as it were.

It will be published on Amazon and Kindle and hopefully it will get some really good feedback. I know reviews are really important so that’s what I’m going to push for when the time comes.

I am unbelievably excited, (and a little shell-shocked), but I know this is going to be a great experience.

I thank everybody who has been supporting me, first and foremost my Lord Jesus. And here’s hoping everything goes smoothly.


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