Untold Stories

The Fifth Letter of a Dragon Slayer

The Third Realm has been under attack for many months now. Crops have burned, the countryside has been ravaged and the knights have been hard pressed to keeping their people alive from hunger and dragons alike. Gregory is putting a bold face on a grim situation, but it isn’t out of false hope, he is a man dedicated to the truth, and the truth is, he plans to stop the dragons, no matter what it costs him.

Lord Gregory, Knight of the Third Realm, Keeper of the Helfain Guard

Servant to His Majesty, Prince Edwin Time.


It has done me great good these past weeks to have seen you. The snowstorm that delayed you was providential to my health and I have been much revived by the visit. I know you lived in no small agony by such a long and un-provisioned stay. But Simon and I, though driven to distraction by our sisters, are much better in our constitutions now we have affirmed your well being for ourselves.

It would seem we are smiled upon by God and good fortune; the dragons do not like the winter. They are more sluggish and these ill begotten beasts have been crippled by their own wrath.

When they were distracted by killing us, they could not forage as they aught and we have found dragons deservedly starved to death in our expeditions to hunt them.

However, with winter resting on us and the lizards under duress, they attack us more ferociously. Our caravans are the most likely of their targets and—fate come upon us by dragons’ wings—they are savage.

As an outrider for the last Caravan, I had a good seat to witness all, when two young, gray colored beasts attacked. I longed for cannon so severely I wondered it didn’t appear by magic. To my disappointment, it did not and I was left to myself with the strength of a man and a crossbow.

The younger dragon was an easy kill; he let himself be caught by grappling hooks and one of the High Knights cut his throat. The second wasn’t the same sort of blundering yearling, he was deft and a skillful flier. I struck him in the neck with three of my darts, (a feat which pleases me beyond measure) and if he had been old enough to have his fire, he would have roasted me. One grappling hook snagged his wing when he turned on me and then a second caught the other. He was grounded, but a grounded dragon is still infinitely dangerous.

It was not long before the gray devil was pinned, but he had already gutted a man on his tail spike by the time he met the tip of my sword.

The next dragon I meet, I fear, will be my last. For each time they appear, I come closer to the brink of death. But that is of little consequence, life is but a passing shade and I will not tempt God by saying he may not choose my time of demise.

As I wrote you before, we need a mountain cleft of spectacular height and specific dimensions to ideally defeat dragons, and lo, we have discovered just such a place. Our quarters will be small and hewn from solid rock, but Prince Edwin himself will live there until the dragons are victorious or we are.

I write you as the Caravan prepares to depart for our new home and I shan’t be able to send you letters until spring. Know Simon and I are thinking of you fondly and will write as soon as we are able.

Sincerely, your son, Lord Gregory,

Knight of the Third Realm

Keeper of the Helfain Guard.


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