Untold Stories

The First Letter of a Dragon Slayer.

The story of Gregory through the letters to his father, is the story of a Knight in the Third Realm.

For me, this was a story I wrote for Fathersday 2013. I wanted to try something in even more archaic English than I already use and this was my first attempt.


The Third Kingdom’s war. The letters of a dragon slayer.

Lord Gregory, Knight of the Third Realm, Keeper of the Helfain Guard.

Servant of His Majesty Prince Edwin Time, who is the King’s loyal son.



It has now been six days since the last of the Great Dragon’s spawn have been eradicated. I, with my own hand, slew the greatest of his offspring, Barist. I admit I have never been so elated to kill, but I shall never forget Barist’s scream when his black soul departed. Terrible and mighty it was, with all his malice and vengeance released at the last. Were I a man of superstition, I would say he vowed to haunt me with his dying breath.

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