Untold Stories

The Tale of Xiden Part 3: The Discontent Traitor.

It took me quite a while to get done with this installment, (probably not too smart on my part). But here is the final Untold Story of Xiden. Of course I couldn’t lose a character like this, so his story will continue in The Stones of Caron. When that gets released is anyone’s guess, but right now you’ll have to console yourselves with an appetizer from my collection.

Recap: Xiden fled from his country to escape imprisonment by his own king, Dellborad. His best friend, a soldier by the name of Siward helped him to escape and they were promptly recaptured and set to pulling oars for Dellborad’s navy. Xiden escapes, leaving Siward in the clutches of the navy and seeks to defect to Rema’s old enemy, Arvad.

Soaking wet and half naked, Xiden climbed out of the water. The bank was covered in thick grass and impeded him; the struggle felt like more than his already tired arms were willing to endure. However, he finally conquered both river and treacherous bank, and wasted no time setting out overland. His bare feet soon ached from the lumpy ground gouging at them, but fortunately there were few rocks.

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